Everything Will Be Okay (Edit)

by Quatral

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my brother didnt help make this but he was really nice to me over the summer so after the visit to clevelands rock n roll hall of fame I wanted to write music like janis joplin and the ramones i want to thank my brother for giving me feedback and also everyone at camp for being so supportive thank you

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released July 25, 2015



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Quatral Athens, Ohio


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Track Name: And this dog wanders in through the door, this terrifying creature is a shape I cannot identify, as the room is too dark to see anything clearly, I can hear it growling as it climbs into my bed with me
I saw a dog walk through that door last night,
he had no clothes on and had no eyes.
I hid, I was scared it's true. I was scared of you.
I was scared so what do you do when you need to go outside,
do you run and hide?
Do you pick the lock, maybe try to crawl outside?
Or, maybe there's something there, maybe not.
It's the reason why we rot, we ask ourselves
who do you want to be? The answer's easy.

I saw my hands go inside out last night,
I tried to fix them, but they died.
I don't know what to do right now it's scary.
I don't know what to do.
Track Name: Appease Me Please (From a mindfulness perspective we as a collective are unstable creatures of both rational and irrational thought, and either can sometimes lead us to believe ourselves flawed, as well as incomplete)
It could be raining outside
but I'd still ride my bike to work.
I'll decide to give up
when I die eventually, I guess.

You ask a lot of questions, that's okay.
People don't think before they speak
They don't hear what they say
We can make jokes all night long,
sing some songs, play some cards.
Please don't cry
there's no reason to be sad anymore because

Feelings are just chemicals made
by are brains to make us sad and make us glad
and make us mad at each other that's okay.
Emotions are natural, it's fine.

Appease me please
give me something to hold onto
I need help, I need you
to survive in this decrepit world.
It's hell on earth, please bring me back home.
I'm not okay at all!

Appease me please
give me all that you've got
give me something, I need you
to listen to me when I tell you
we're friends, right?

You ask a lot of questions, that's okay.
People don't think before they speak
They don't hear what they say
We can make jokes all night long,
sing some songs, fry some rice
paint the lice/lights/lies (?)
scream/scrape the dead, dry the (unintelligeble) by your head.
Feel the floor, feel the spikes behind your back.
They are sharp, you know they're sharp.
You don't understand, you're wrong,
everything is fine.

Everything will be fine.
Track Name: Existentialism without self confidence can lead to a fear of absolute destruction on catastrophic levels, and sometimes even acceptance of such events as well
See the many see them all
see the monster that has murdered us all
hear the fire hear it burn
the trees are all gone but I know they'll return

And I know that we're in trouble again
And I know that all our cities are going to burn
And I know that the lights will go out one by one
And I know we're as good as dead, yeah

See the climax see the fall
see the final desecration that ended it all
hear the subtle hear the dead
we used to have it all now there's nothing I regret

and there's nothing I regret at all
Track Name: Simplicity expresses more about a topic in less time than complexity does, but complexity can cover more topics than simplicity, although the concepts are much simpler
I have nothing to prove to you
I don't care what you do
I've finally moved on from you

You were such a waste of my time
I never needed you to lie
Now everything will be okay

I've got no sense of simple thought 
the recconing that you have wrought
It's not something that I'm okay with

You were biding my time yes indeed
you're waisting my time so just leave
we're not gonna work so let's stop

we were like parasites hiding inside
both of each other that's right
It's not something that I'm okay with

We were just toxic when we were together
our hormones would change like the weather
so why don't we just give it up?
Track Name: Naked With You!
I wanna hang out with you
setting fires and skipping school
doing drugs 'n taking baths
I always knew I'd finish last

I like it when you talk to me
you make me feel so good inside
baby you might just be
the superstar I've been searching for all my life

hey well, we could be the new big bang
we could be sharks and devour each other
we could burn the whole thing down
all I want is to streak through a park
naked with you
They all say we look so dirty
fuck them all, they just don't get it
and we could burn the whole thing down
all I want is to streak through a park
naked with you.
Track Name: Cosmogyral Oblivion (Reworked)
Telephone to home
desecrate the dial tone
that long drawn-out buzz
what makes you think we're going too fast?

Spinning around a big old fire
crawling across a telephone wire
space is there it's all out there
there's nothing here but atmosphere

There's nowhere you can run
when you heart's as cold as a dead sun
spacing out won't get you anywhere
I hope you brought enough for the class to share over there

Breaking news we're all gonna die
I hope you hugged your children goodbye
depressed again? I'm not surprised.
goodbye world let's take to the skies
Track Name: Vestige
Take some notes and write them down
all the stuff you're saying now
flip the page and write some more
I love it all just keep it coming

Maybe it sounds cliche
like I care it's all so great
every single thing you write
keep it up I've got all night

and oh, it's always something new with you isn't it
and hey, I never know what you're gonna say, okay?
and oh, I never know where you're gonna go, woah
and hey, let's hope in the end it all turns out okay, okay?

Dig a hole into the ground
listen to the subtle sound
of all the dirt that could've been
all of it is paper thin

Lasting sounds still hang around
shrinking as we double down
all we are and all we see
all that's left is a vestige
Track Name: Unorthodox Therapy For Someone With Standards and Proper Human Ethics (Live)
Take all your things and flush them down the toilet
Take all your video games and flush them down the toilet
Take all your clothes and flush them down the toilet
Remember not to clog the pipes, Jason doesn't want to deal with that.

Toilets can solve all your problems, they will save the world someday
I believe in a higher power that will take my poop away
Porcelain destroyers of evil, water powered laser suction
They will save us from the feces, no one knows just where it'll go.

(I pause to flip the page of my lyrics)

Take all your campers and flush them down the toilet
Take all your counselors and flush them down the toilet
Take Shawn and Katie and tell them that you appreciate all the work they've done.

Take a toilet and flush it down the toilet!
Take a shower and flush yourself down the toilet.
Take your ukelele and flush it down the toilet.
Take your soul and FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET.

Thank you.