The Universe Is Bigger Than You

by Quatral

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It feels so odd writing music with lyrics I tried it once long ago but my skills were shit back then so it sounded like trash and now that I understand how music works I feel I can build music that works in tandem with itself thank you for listening.


released June 9, 2015

Vn. L. - Vocals, Instruments.



all rights reserved


Quatral Athens, Ohio


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Track Name: Disclaimer
Are you afraid of the world around you? Me too.
Are you afraid that you're gonna die soon? Me too.
Are you afraid of what's coming next?
Are you afraid of not being correct?
Me too, me too.
Are you afraid of the monsters in the park?
Are you afraid of jsut being torn apart?
Me too, me too.
Track Name: Midnight Catastrophe
Can you hear the bombs ticking away?
Now that you know that they're there, are you going to stay?
Take all your things and sneak out through the window and close it.
How do you know if they're scared if nobody shows it...?

There goes the kitchen, there goes the office.
Bombs are falling and I'm not going to stop this.
To hell with all this, I never wanted anyone to survive anyway.

Can you hear the screams of the people? I just can't ignore it.
Do you remember what it looked like before they destroyed it?
What were you hiding inside of and was it important?
Thank god all that shit is all gone, I hope you enjoyed it.
Track Name: Cosmogyral Oblivion
Telephone to home,
desecrate the dial tone.
That long, drawn out buzz.
What makes you think you're going too fast?

Spinning around a big old fire,
calling across a telephone wire.
Space is there, it's all out there.
There's nothing here but atmosphere.

There's nowhere you can run
when your heart's as cold as a dead sun.
Spacing out won't get you anywhere!
I hope you brought enough for the class to share, over there.

Breaking news, we're all gonna die!
I hope you hugged your children goodbye.
Depressed again, I'm not surprised.
Goodbye world, let's take to the skies.

(Leave me the f*** alone!)
Track Name: Friday Afternoon
A cup of coffee's not enough to get me out of bed in the morning.
Pancakes on a silver platter are tasty but they won't keep me happy.
We live, we try, I'll never go outside unless I want to.
We live, we try, you'll never change my mind, but I'll think about it.
I need a story.

I don't consider myself a protagonist.
A lack of stimulation is not enough.
I'm thinking about going and making my own problems
so I can go and fix 'em myself.

Because I've got nothing to do
and when I look at you
I see you and your friends
have got it figured out, unlike me.

No, I don't know what to do
on a Friday Afternoon
and when you leave me here
I don't know what to do.
Track Name: The Fact Is That I'm Emotionally Unstable and It's Difficult For Me To Worry About My Own Insecurities Because I Feel Like It's A Crime To Have Emotions
It's this kind of feeling you get
when you step outside for the first time in a while.
You sign the paper in your name
but it doesn't feel okay, no it doesn't feel okay, no.

There's this dark and empty hole that lives inside us all,
waiting for the summer to strike.