A Faceless Spirit

from by Vincent Lewis



six segments


sometimes I think about when I was younger and / when I was smaller and / I had no purpose / I just was / and everybody liked me because I was the future / the hope for humanity / now I’m just dead inside and addicted to corn syrup / and it can’t be helped but I’d like to go back / to when money was paper and computers were magic / and I still had time to figure out what to do with my life / why is work hard when it doesn’t have to be? / why do people say things they don’t even mean? / what happened between childhood and now? / everyone’s turning against me

(spyro sample)
the fools in this world are invincible / but that does not mean they shouldn’t be attacked / sounds alright to me / you’re not afraid of those big nasty awful beasts are you spyro? / of course not!

hey duct tape / love yourself / for me / I’m finding I’m finally there / free to get out of it all / I’m free of you

(parks n rec sample)
it’s very good / but / his is also very good / you’ve gotta give it more attitude / it’s gotta scare people / bobby newport’s never had a real job in his life! / okay now we’re just waisting time jerry!

hey mmamamammaammaow / shamamamamamomamow / etc. / one last bite / too many nights fighting with fire / fighting with nothing to breathe / speaking in tongues no one can hear you / or you would like to believe / death and recession / it’s just your obsession / it’s got to go away / please don’t feel bad man / everything you’ve done will be forgiven one day / weed out these lies / I’m going to die / break out these guns / no one has won / no one is going anywhere! / going anywhere! / I’ve never had a problem / that I couldn’t solve by playing dead / the brain is an electrical organ / don’t lie to yourself / you’re just a machine / my man you’re just getting self-conscious / and it’ll eat away at your soul / weed out these lies / biding my time / break out the guns / killing these ones / no one is going anywhere! / one last bite / choke on this!

(interview with david foster wallace sample)
(interviewer) um / you write about pleasure in infinite jest / your latest novel / and I’m thinking yknow / one of the things related to that in infinite jest / one of the characters finds that / that marijuana is / marijuana is no longer a pleasurable experience / it just makes him terribly self-conscious / and therefor anxious / and I’m wondering what happens to you when you do something that’s supposed to give you pleasure / and it just makes you uncomfortable or anxious?
(david) boy / I’m not really even sure how to respond to that / look / a lot of the influence for writing infinite jest was just the fact that / that I was about thirty / and I had a lot of friends who were about thirty / and we’d all know been grotesquely over-educated and privileged our whole lives / and had better healthcare and had more money than our parents did / and we were all extraordinarily sad / I think it has something to do with being raised in an era / when really the ultimate value seems to be / I mean / a successful life is / let’s see / you make a lot of money and you have a really attractive spouse / or you get infamous or famous in some way / so that it’s a life where you basically experience as much pleasure as possible / which ends up being sort of empty and low-calorie / but the reason I don’t like talking about it discursively is that it sounds very banal and cliche / when you say it out loud that way / believe it or not this came as something of an epiphany to us / at around age thirty / so I’m talking about / why on earth we were so miserable / when we’d been so lucky?
(interviewer) well / when did you realize that all the benefits you had / in an educated middle-class life / weren’t bringing you happiness?
(david) look / I guess it sort of depends on what you mean by happiness


from No. 0017, released June 12, 2017



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